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Danielle has a three-year-old daughter and refuses to buy her a Barbie doll. She has also forbidden any of her friends and relatives from doing this. Danielle's childrearing practices can likely be attributed to a belief in which of the following theories?

A) evolutionary psychology
B) sociobiology
C) social constructionism
D) essentialism

Social Constructionism

A theory that proposes that our understanding of reality is shaped through human interactions and societal norms rather than inherent qualities.

Barbie Doll

is a fashion doll manufactured by the American toy company Mattel, Inc., notable for its iconic status and wide range of accessories and careers.

Childrearing Practices

The methods and strategies employed by parents and guardians in raising their children.

  • Describe the crucial role of gender socialization in shaping societal positions and individual self-concepts.

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Danielle's actions suggest a belief in social constructionism, which posits that social phenomena or concepts are created and influenced by societal groups and cultures rather than being inherent or biologically predetermined. By refusing to buy her daughter a Barbie doll, Danielle likely aims to challenge or avoid reinforcing certain societal norms or stereotypes about gender roles and expectations that she believes are socially constructed.