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Crowdfunding offers the advantage of giving you an idea of the level of enthusiasm and interest in your product or service before you even launch.


Anything tangible or intangible (such as a service) offered by the company.

  • Market validation: By receiving financial support from backers, you can validate the market potential of your idea or concept.
  • Building a community: Crowdfunding helps you establish a community of early adopters and supporters who are invested in your product or service.
  • Understanding market demand: Crowdfunding allows you to gauge the level of enthusiasm and interest in your product or service.

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Feb 18, 2024

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Crowdfunding campaigns allow creators to gauge interest in their idea and see if there is a demand for their product or service before investing time and money into launching it. This can help creators adjust their plans or marketing strategies accordingly based on the level of support and feedback they receive from potential backers.