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Contracts entered into by a minor are

A) disaffirmed.
B) breached.
C) voidable.
D) voided.


An individual under the legal age of adulthood, whose rights and responsibilities are restricted and partially under the guardianship of parents.


A term used in contract law to describe an agreement that remains valid until one party chooses to cancel or void it due to certain defects or circumstances at the time of execution.


A legally binding agreement between two or more parties that creates mutual obligations enforceable by law.

  • Learn the legal implications of contractual capacity and how it affects certain groups, such as minors.

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Contracts entered into by a minor are generally considered voidable. This means that the minor has the option to either enforce the contract or void the contract. This provision is designed to protect minors from being taken advantage of due to their lack of capacity to make fully informed decisions.