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Compare national and international rates of erectile dysfunction.


Study of the frequency and distribution of a disorder, or a group of disorders, in a population.

  • Identifying potential risk factors: Analyzing the differences in rates between nations and across different regions can help identify potential risk factors associated with erectile dysfunction. This can contribute to a better understanding of the condition and its causes.
  • Assessing healthcare systems: Comparing rates of erectile dysfunction on a national and international level can provide insights into the effectiveness of healthcare systems in addressing and managing this condition. Disparities in rates may indicate variations in access to healthcare or differences in treatment approaches.
  • Understanding the prevalence of erectile dysfunction: By comparing national and international rates of erectile dysfunction, one can gain insights into the overall prevalence of this condition in different populations.

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One nationwide study (Saigal et al., 2006)found that one in five men over age 20 could be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction; similar or slightly lower rates have been found internationally.