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Below is a source followed by passage(s) from student papers. If the student has summarized, directly quoted, or indirectly quoted the source correctly, select "Correct." If you believe the source is incorrectly summarized or plagiarized, select "Incorrect."
"A generation ago, it was considered rude to eat in front of others. Now, Americans eat everywhere, all day long ⎯ an average of five meals a day, counting snacks. Cars have cupholders, but they arguably need trays, too. Americans eat 30 meals a year in their vehicles."
⎯ Brink, Susan. "Eat This Now!"
U.S. News & World Report , 28 Mar. 2005: 57. Print.
Student version: According to Susan Brink, eating in front of others was once believed to be rude, but now Americans are in the habit of eating wherever they go. She suggests that cars need trays as well as cupholders, but I think that's a bad idea. Eating while driving is really quite dangerous. It distracts the driver's attention and leads to accidents; therefore, people should wait to eat until they get home (57) .

A) Correct
B) Incorrect


Features in vehicles or furniture designed to securely hold cups or containers.

Average of Five Meals

The mean value obtained by summing the total number of meals consumed and dividing by five, often used in nutritional studies or dietary assessments.

Meals a Year

The total count of main eating occasions including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, over the span of one year.

  • Scrutinize the appropriateness of students' application of sources compared to the primary texts.

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Explanation :
Although the student correctly cites the source and provides their opinion on the topic, they have not shown understanding of the content by including a statistic from the original source. Therefore, the passage can be considered to have been plagiarized or inadequately summarized.