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Before implementing a compensation strategy,human resources professionals must ensure the appropriate screens are in place to evaluate the strategy's appropriateness.Which screen is NOT considered one of the so-called "must pass screens"?

A) Costs are within the financial means of the organization.
B) The new compensation strategy meets the minimum standards under employment standards legislation.
C) The new compensation strategy attracts potential employees with the required skill sets.
D) Current employees will be happy with the new compensation strategy.

Compensation Strategy

The method by which a company determines and allocates rewards and benefits to its employees, ensuring competitive pay and job satisfaction.

Employment Standards Legislation

Laws and regulations that define minimum employment conditions, rights, and protections for workers, such as hours of work, wages, and leave entitlements.

Financial Means

The monetary resources available to an individual, organization, or country.

  • Comprehend the procedures and factors involved in developing an effective compensation strategy, encompassing legal, financial, and strategic dimensions.

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While it is important to consider employee satisfaction, it is not considered a "must pass screen" when evaluating the appropriateness of a compensation strategy. Cost, compliance with employment standards legislation, and attracting potential employees with required skill sets are all essential factors that must be considered.