Asked by Donna Tanner on Jul 09, 2024

Based on the reading "The Thinnest Line," what does Professor Nguyen mean by saying that refugee gratitude can be dangerous?

A) Although it can be interpreted as the immigrant success story, if often does not allow for the inclusion of other emotions like anger and resentment.
B) There is an assumption that refugees do not feel grateful for the assistance they have received.
C) It justifies that war is not necessary because people can easily move from one country to the next.
D) Refugees only experience trauma.

Refugee Gratitude

The feeling of thankfulness expressed by refugees towards individuals, organizations, or countries that have offered them refuge and support.

Immigrant Success Story

A narrative that highlights the achievements and positive outcome of an immigrant's journey and adaptation to a new country.

Anger and Resentment

Strong feelings of displeasure or indignation, often due to perceived injustice or wrongs.

  • Reflect on the role and impact of personal and public narratives in shaping perceptions of refugees and immigrants.