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At a church outing,Kelly learns from one of the participants that he just finished working with a company's exterior construction work and that the company is planning on redoing the landscaping.Kelly uses the opportunity to contact the company about his landscaping and water conservation products.Kelly is taking advantage of which of the following?

A) insider trading
B) private information
C) bonds
D) tethers


The connections with family, friends, and others who have a similar cultural background or ethnicity.

  • Understanding the importance of networking and making connections at social events.
  • Recognizing the potential business opportunities that can arise from conversations with others.
  • Identifying the relevance of the information shared by the participant in relation to Kelly's own products and services.

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Feb 18, 2024

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Explanation :
Kelly is using private information gained from a participant at the church outing to contact the company about his products. This can be considered as taking advantage of private information. Insider trading involves buying or selling stocks based on private information, which is not applicable in this scenario. Bonds and tethers are not relevant in this context.