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Assuming grade is an array of ten integers, the statement ____ is invalid.

A) grade = &grade[2];
B) *grade = *(grade + 2) ;
C) *grade = *grade + 2;
D) *grade = *(&grade[2]) + 2;

Invalid Statement

A code sequence that does not conform to the syntax rules of its programming language.

Integer Array

A collection of integers stored in contiguous memory locations, allowing for indexing and manipulation of the stored integers.

Address Operator

An operator in C and C++ denoted by &, used to determine the memory address of a variable.

  • Differentiate between valid and invalid pointer and array operations in C.

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Mar 10, 2024

Final Answer :
Explanation :
Option A is invalid because it attempts to assign the address of an integer (the third element of the array) to an array variable, which is not allowed in C. Arrays cannot be assigned new addresses after their declaration.