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______ angels sometimes seek to be paid advisers.They generally come from a profession such as lawyers or accountants.

A) Corporate
B) Entrepreneur
C) Professional
D) Enthusiast


An individual or a group who creates something new—a new idea, a new item or product, a new institution, a new market, a new set of possibilities.

  • Recognizing that angels with professional backgrounds, such as lawyers or accountants, may seek to provide advisory services.
  • Identifying the different types of angels, including corporate angels, entrepreneur angels, professional angels, and enthusiast angels.
  • Understanding the role of angels as paid advisers in certain situations.

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Professional angels are those who come from a professional background and seek to provide paid advisory services to startups. This can include lawyers, accountants, and other professionals who have expertise in a particular field and can provide valuable guidance and support to entrepreneurs. Corporate angels are typically individuals who invest on behalf of a larger company, while enthusiast angels are individuals who invest primarily for personal reasons and are not necessarily seeking a financial return on their investment.