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An empathy map can spot contradictions and certain tensions which can spark a whole host of interesting insight.


An interpretation of an observation or a sudden realization that provides us with a new understanding of a human behavior or attitude that results in the identification of a need.

  • Understanding the importance of empathy in gaining insights: The question highlights the use of an empathy map to uncover contradictions and tensions, indicating the significance of empathy in gaining valuable insights.
  • Recognizing the value of contradictions and tensions: The question suggests that contradictions and tensions can lead to interesting insights, emphasizing the importance of identifying and exploring these elements in the research process.
  • Identifying the role of an empathy map: The question implies that an empathy map is a tool that can be used to identify contradictions and tensions, highlighting the role of this specific technique in the research or analysis process.

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An empathy map is a tool used to understand and gain insights into the needs, motivations, and challenges of a particular customer or user group. By considering their thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and environment, an empathy map can reveal potential tensions or contradictions that may exist. These insights can be valuable in developing solutions or strategies that better meet the needs of the customer or user group.