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An advantage of alternate forms reliability is:

A) It requires less work by the counselor
B) It reduces client fatigue
C) It increases practice effects
D) It reduces carryover effects

Alternate Forms Reliability

A measure of reliability that assesses the consistency of the results of two different forms of the same test.

Carryover Effects

In research, the phenomenon where the effects of a previous condition or treatment persist and influence outcomes in subsequent conditions or treatments.

Client Fatigue

Client fatigue refers to a state of exhaustion or decreased enthusiasm experienced by clients, often due to repetitive or prolonged interactions, services, or treatments.

  • Know the advantages and disadvantages of alternate forms reliability.

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Alternate forms reliability involves using different versions of a test to measure the same thing, which helps in reducing carryover effects (e.g., memory of questions from the first test affecting performance on the second).