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An 81-year-old widow with mild dementia has self-care capabilities.The widow recently moved in with her daughter,a 46-year-old working mother with three children.In considering how to have care for her mother when she is working,what is the most appropriate option the nurse should suggest?

A) A rehabilitation center
B) A nursing center
C) An adult day care center
D) A hospice center

Adult Day Care Center

A facility that provides care and companionship for adults during the day, often those with physical disabilities or cognitive impairments.

Mild Dementia

A condition marked by minor memory loss and cognitive decline, affecting daily activities to a lesser extent than more advanced stages of dementia.

  • Determine the optimal types of care institutions for various patient preferences.

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Services offered by adult day care centers allow family members to maintain their lifestyles and employment and still provide home care for their relatives.A hospice is a system of family-centered care that allows patients to live and remain at home with comfort,independence,and dignity while alleviating the strains caused by terminal illness; this is inappropriate because the widow does not have a terminal illness.Rehabilitation is the use of multiple therapies such as physical,psychological,occupational,speech,and social services to help restore a person to the fullest physical,mental,social,vocational,and economic usefulness possible; this is not appropriate because the widow can provide self-care.A nursing center is a nursing home; it is too early for this because the widow can provide self-care.