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Amy C.Edmondson,professor of leadership and management at Harvard Business School,describes a spectrum for failure that runs from blameworthy to praiseworthy.According to Edmondson,a praiseworthy reason for failure is ______.

A) uncertainty-taking unreasonable actions due to lack of clarity
B) inattention-getting sidetracked from the core business
C) deviance-defying ethical and legal boundaries
D) exploratory experimentation-conducting market tests to get early feedback


When an entrepreneur becomes sidetracked from the core business.

  • Understanding the importance of embracing uncertainty and taking actions despite lack of clarity.
  • Recognizing the value of being attentive and staying focused on the core business.
  • Appreciating the significance of ethical and legal boundaries and not deviating from them.

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According to the given information, a praiseworthy reason for failure is "exploratory experimentation", which involves conducting market tests to get early feedback. Therefore, the correct choice is D.