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All of the following statements are thoughtful existential case conceptualizations of Salma's presenting issues EXCEPT:

A) Salma may be able to draw upon her cultural roots to find greater meaning and purpose.
B) Salma's depressive symptoms may be rooted in her parent's rigid rules.
C) Salma may be maintaining minimal levels of satisfaction that keep her from striving for what she wants by blaming her parent's rigid rules.
D) Salma's existential angst may be heightened by being a part of a marginalized group.

Existential Case Conceptualization

A method in psychotherapy focusing on the client's existence, including their choices, responsibilities, and the search for meaning.

Marginalized Group

Communities or individuals who experience discrimination or exclusion from mainstream social, economic, educational, or cultural life.

Cultural Roots

The values, traditions, social and political relationships, and cultural practices that are foundational to the identity and heritage of a community or individual.

  • Absorb the foundational concepts of existential counseling.

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While this statement acknowledges the influence of Salma's parents on her depressive symptoms, it does not provide a thoughtful existential case conceptualization. The other three statements suggest potential sources of meaning, purpose, and obstacles to growth that are central to an existential approach.