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Alice is typing her term paper in the computer lab. Although a class is going on just a few feet away, she does not seem to notice. Which part of the brain allows Alice to focus on her typing and ignore the distractions that surround her?

A) reticular formation
B) pons
C) medulla
D) cerebellum

Reticular Formation

A network of neurons located in the brainstem that plays a central role in controlling arousal and attention.


External or internal events that divert an individual's attention away from their intended focus.


A part of the brainstem that links the medulla oblongata and the thalamus, playing a crucial role in basic functions such as sleep and respiration.

  • Learn about the ways in which the brain's configuration supports the ability to selectively attend to tasks while suppressing interference.

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The reticular formation is responsible for regulating attention and wakefulness, allowing individuals to filter out unimportant stimuli and focus on relevant ones. In this case, Alice's reticular formation allows her to focus on typing her term paper and ignore the distractions of the nearby class.