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Albert is a boy with autism who frequently bangs his head against the wall at school. His teacher decides to use a mild form of punishment to suppress this behavior. Although the intervention is effective in suppressing head-banging at school, the behavior increases considerably at home. This phenomenon is known as:

A) punishment contrast
B) generalized suppression
C) response substitution
D) escape and avoidance

Punishment Contrast

A phenomenon whereby a behavior that is suppressed through punishment in one situation increases in another situation in which punishment was not administered.


A method or action taken to stop or reduce an undesired behavior or activity, often through the use of negative consequences or removal of positive reinforcement.


A repetitive and rhythmic self-harming behavior often observed in cases of developmental disorders, stress, or frustration.

  • Identify various phenomena associated with the use of punishment such as punishment contrast, response substitution, and response generalization.

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Punishment contrast occurs when a behavior decreases in the environment where punishment is applied but increases in other environments where the punishment is not applied. In this case, Albert's head-banging behavior decreased at school where the punishment was applied but increased at home, where the punishment was not applied, illustrating punishment contrast.