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After viewing a picture of a boy batting in a baseball game,what would an individual high in affiliation motivation be most likely to describe in a projective test

A)  The boy hits a home run to win the game. 
B)  The boy is playing on a summer league team with his best friends from his school. 
C)  The boy is hit in the head by a pitch and suffers a concussion. 
D)  The boy is nervous because he struck out at the last game.

Affiliation Motivation

The drive to relate to people on a social basis and to be accepted into groups.

Projective Test

A psychological assessment tool where ambiguous stimuli, such as pictures or patterns, are presented to individuals to elicit responses that reveal aspects of their personality.

  • Grasp the relationship between motivation types (e.g., achievement, affiliation) and situational responses.

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Explanation :
An individual high in affiliation motivation is motivated by the need for social connection and relationships. Therefore, they are likely to project their desire for being part of a group onto the boy in the picture and describe him as playing with his friends on a summer league team. This is a positive and social interpretation that reflects the individual's own motivational state.