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After Phineas Gage suffered a serious brain injury,what was the result of his accident?

A) Gage became unable to communicate with others except through sign language and nonverbal behavior.
B) Gage forgot everything about his prior identity.
C) Gage changed from an angry,upset man to a docile,calm man.
D) Gage changed from an honest,reliable man to a volatile,unpredictable man.

Phineas Gage

A famous case study in the field of neuroscience and psychology involving a railroad worker who survived a severe brain injury in the 19th century, significantly altering his personality.

Brain Injury

Damage to the brain that can result from traumatic impacts, diseases, or disorders, affecting cognitive and physical functioning.

  • Comprehend how self-awareness affects one's actions and decisions.

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After Phineas Gage's accident, he went from being an honest and reliable man to becoming volatile and unpredictable. He struggled with impulsivity and lacked the ability to plan for the future. This was a dramatic change from his pre-injury personality.