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After identifying an ethnically blended face as Asian rather than as Caucasian,Belgian students recalled the face as more closely resembling their ________ of an Asian face.

A) algorithm
B) heuristic
C) prototype
D) fixation


A preliminary model or early sample of a product that serves as an example or basis for designing subsequent forms or versions.

Ethnically Blended

Describing a person or group that comes from or involves a mixture of different ethnic backgrounds.


Relating to Belgium, a country in Western Europe known for its medieval towns, Renaissance architecture, and as headquarters of the European Union and NATO.

  • Analyze how prototypes influence recognition and recall of information.

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Explanation :
The term "prototype" refers to a mental image or schema that serves as the best example of a certain category. In this case, the Belgian students' prototypical image of an Asian face influenced their memory recall of the ethnically blended face as being more similar to that prototype. The other options (algorithm, heuristic, fixation) do not accurately describe this phenomenon.