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After a practice change has taken place in an organization because of a nurse following evidence-based practice in a task force,which final step should the nurse take?

A) Evaluate
B) Encourage
C) Engage
D) Execute

Evidence-Based Practice

A decision-making process that integrates the best available research with clinical expertise and patient values.

Practice Change

The modification or transformation of methods, behaviors, and policies in clinical or professional settings to improve outcomes and efficiencies.


To systematically determine the significance, worth, or condition of something, often by careful appraisal and study.

  • Acquire knowledge on the initial actions within the evidence-based practice framework.

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Yasnil Fabian

Mar 10, 2024

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Explanation :
After applying evidence in practice,the next step is to evaluate the effect.Newhouse and White (2011)recommend that to be successful in changing practice within an organization,it is essential to Engage,Educate,Execute,and Evaluate.Engage and execute have already occurred because the change has taken place.Encourage is not a step in the evidence-based process.