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According to your textbook,what is the most commonly used measure of variability?

A) Median
B) Range
C) Standard deviation
D) Variance


A quantitative measure that describes the degree to which scores in a distribution are spread out or clustered together.

Standard Deviation

A measure of variability that represents the average amount by which individual scores in a distribution vary from the mean.


A measure of variability that represents the mean of all squared deviation scores.

  • Choose appropriate central tendency and variability measures, especially in situations involving outliers.

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According to the textbook, the most commonly used measure of variability is the standard deviation. The reason for this is that it takes into account all the data points and gives a more representative measure of how spread out the data is compared to the mean. The range only considers the minimum and maximum values, while the variance is less intuitive and difficult to interpret compared to the standard deviation. The median is a measure of central tendency and not a measure of variability.