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According to the Reverend Thomas Malthus

A) population tends to grow until checked by a shortage of food.
B) population tends to grow until checked by a shortage of oxygen.
C) population tends to grow unless checked by religious or moral restraints.
D) economics is a dismal science.

Reverend Thomas Malthus

An 18th-century economist known for his theory on population growth, suggesting that population increases geometrically, whereas food supply increases arithmetically, leading to inevitable shortages.

Population Growth

The increase in the number of individuals in a population, commonly expressed as an annual percentage.

Dismal Science

A nickname for economics, stemming from its predictions and analyses that often focus on the limitations and constraints of economic activities.

  • Comprehend the theories of Malthus regarding population and economic resources.

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According to Malthusian theory, population tends to grow exponentially, while food production tends to grow at an arithmetic rate. This means that eventually, the population will outstrip the food supply, resulting in famine, disease, and other consequences that will bring the population back into balance with the available resources.