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According to the FDA, Schedule I drugs have​

A) ​high abuse potential and no accepted medical use.
B) ​high abuse potential but accepted medical use.
C) ​low abuse potential but no accepted medical use.
D) ​low abuse potential and accepted medical use.

Schedule I Drugs

Substances or chemicals defined by law as having no accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.


The Food and Drug Administration, a U.S. federal agency responsible for protecting public health by regulating food, drugs, and medical devices.

Abuse Potential

The likelihood or propensity for a substance, particularly drugs or alcohol, to be misused or become addictive.

  • Separate various drug types and their impacts on the physical body and mental health.

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Schedule I drugs are classified as having high abuse potential and no accepted medical use. This includes substances like heroin, LSD, and marijuana (under federal law, though some states have legalized medical marijuana).