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According to research,which statement best reflects the accuracy of the polygraph in detecting lies

A)  not at all accurate
B)  accuracy has been exaggerated 
C)  relatively accurate
D)  accurate 90% of the time


An instrument used for measuring and recording several physiological indicators such as blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and skin conductivity while a subject is asked and answers a series of questions, purportedly to indicate truthfulness.

Detecting Lies

The process of identifying deceptive behavior or statements, utilizing various assessment techniques or tools.

  • Assess the reliability of polygraph testing in lie detection.

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Koduru Mohan

Mar 10, 2024

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Explanation :
Research has shown that the accuracy of the polygraph in detecting lies has been exaggerated and it is not a reliable tool for lie detection. It has been found to have a high rate of false positives and false negatives. Therefore, option B is the most accurate choice.