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According to David Ermann and Richard Lundman,the most obvious and important reason for corporations' tendency to be criminally negligent about their employees' health and safety is

A) profit maximization.
B) the nature of corporate structure.
C) the federal government's lack of earnest efforts to deter the deviances.
D) the skillfulness of corporate criminals.

Criminally Negligent

Involving a lack of care or foresight in actions or omissions that lead to unlawful harm or damage to others.

Profit Maximization

The process or strategy of adjusting the production and sale of goods and services to achieve the highest possible profit.

Corporate Structure

The organizational design and operational hierarchy within a corporation that outlines roles, responsibilities, and relationships between different entities.

  • Recognize the societal and environmental impacts of corporate deviance.
  • Uncover the catalysts for white-collar crimes and evaluate their significance on social dynamics.

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Profit maximization is the primary goal of corporations. In pursuit of this goal, some corporations neglect health and safety standards to cut costs, increase production, and maximize profits. This behavior is known as corporate negligence, and it represents a significant threat to employee welfare.