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A relationship between poverty and soil erosion occurs in many developing countries.The plowing of marginal land by poor farmers leads to soil erosion,land degradation,and thus to further poverty.What type of cycle is this? 

A)  It is a destructive negative feedback cycle. 
B)  It is a constructive positive feedback cycle. 
C)  It is a destructive positive feedback cycle. 
D)  It is a constructive negative feedback cycle.

Destructive Negative Feedback Cycle

A process where a negative feedback loop results in detrimental effects, often exacerbating the problems it seeks to mitigate.

Soil Erosion

The process by which topsoil is removed from the ground, often due to water, wind, or agricultural activities, leading to reduced soil fertility and increased environmental degradation.

Land Degradation

The decline in the quality of land due to various factors, including deforestation, overgrazing, improper irrigation practices, and industrial activity, leading to reduced agricultural productivity.

  • Identify cycles of poverty and environmental degradation in agricultural contexts.

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This is a destructive positive feedback cycle as poverty leads to soil erosion and land degradation which in turn contributes to further poverty. It is a positive feedback cycle because the effects of poverty and soil erosion amplify each other, leading to further degradation of land and deepening poverty.