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A person's personality can affect the way they perceive an experience. Conversely, different experiences can change the way a person's perceptions take place. This is an example of which concept?

A) social-cognitive interaction
B) nature-nurture theory
C) heritability
D) reciprocal determinism

Reciprocal Determinism

A concept in psychology that suggests an individual's behavior is both influenced by and influences their personal factors and the environment.

Social-Cognitive Interaction

The process by which individuals understand and respond to the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of others, influenced by the social context and cognitive processes.

Nature-Nurture Theory

A theoretical framework that debates the relative contributions of genetic inheritance (nature) and environmental factors (nurture) to human development.

  • Recognize the influence of personality on perception and behavior.
  • Understand the concept of reciprocal determinism and its role in personality development.

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The concept of reciprocal determinism suggests that a person's personality, behavior, and environment all influence each other in a continuous cycle. In this case, a person's personality (internal factor) can affect their perception of an experience (external factor), but the experience itself can also shape the person's perceptions over time.