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A person attacked by a fierce dog develops a fear of all dogs. This best illustrates

A) a conversion disorder.
B) agoraphobia.
C) stimulus generalization.
D) survivor resiliency.

Stimulus Generalization

The tendency of a learned response to be elicited by stimuli similar to the stimulus originally associated with the response.

Conversion Disorder

A rare somatoform disorder in which a person experiences very specific genuine physical symptoms for which no physiological basis can be found.

Fear Of All Dogs

A specific type of phobia where an individual experiences intense fear or anxiety when they encounter dogs or even think about them.

  • Detail the instructional and bioscientific perspectives regarding anxiety disorders.
  • Differentiate among various phobia categories and their presentations.

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The person's fear of all dogs after being attacked by a fierce dog is an example of stimulus generalization, where the fear response to one specific stimulus (the fierce dog) is generalized to other similar stimuli (all dogs).