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A nurse listens to a patient's lungs and determines that the patient needs to cough and deep breath.The nurse has the patient cough and deep breath.Which concept did the nurse demonstrate?

A) Accountability
B) Autonomy
C) Licensure
D) Certification

Deep Breath

A large inhalation of air into the lungs, used in various health and relaxation practices to increase oxygen intake.

  • Grasp the concept of autonomy and accountability in nursing practice and its impact on patient care.

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Autonomy is essential to professional nursing and involves the initiation of independent nursing interventions without medical orders.Accountability means that you are professionally and legally responsible for the type and quality of nursing care provided.To obtain licensure in the United States,RN candidates must pass the NCLEX-RN examination administered by the individual State Boards of Nursing to obtain a nursing license.Beyond the NCLEX-RN,some nurses choose to work toward certification in a specific area of nursing practice.