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A nurse is using SBAR and tells the primary health care provider that the abdomen is distended and firm with a pain rating of 8 on a 0-10 scale.Which component of SBAR did the nurse communicate?

A) S
B) B
C) A
D) R


An acronym standing for Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendation; a communication framework used in healthcare to enhance effectiveness and safety.

Pain Rating

A method of assessing pain intensity, often using numerical scales or descriptive words, to aid in the management and treatment of pain.


A condition where an organ or area of the body becomes swollen due to pressure from inside, often relating to the abdomen.

  • Execute the application of documentation protocols and layouts like SOAP, DAR, and PIE in medical contexts.

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For assessment (A)data include significant findings in your head-to-toe physical assessment,recent vital signs,current treatment measures,restrictions,recent laboratory results and diagnostics,and pain status.Some institutions use SBAR,an acronym that stands for situation,background,assessment,and recommendation.SBAR standardizes telephone communication of significant events or changes in a patient's condition.Therefore it is a communication strategy designed to improve patient safety.When describing the situation (S),you include the admitting and secondary diagnoses and the problem your patient is having as the current issue.Background (B)information includes pertinent medical history,previous laboratory tests and treatments,psychosocial issues,allergies,and current code status.Provide your recommendation (R),in which you suggest a plan of care and request orders and other needs to be addressed.