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A nurse is processing an ethical dilemma by focusing on relationships and stories of the participants.Which ethical system is the nurse using?

A) Deontology
B) Utilitarianism
C) Feminist ethics
D) Ethics of care

Ethical Dilemma

A situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between two or more options, especially ones that are equally undesirable and involve a conflict of moral principles.

Feminist Ethics

An approach to ethics emphasizing the importance of gender equality and focusing on issues of oppression and privilege.


Connections or associations between people, based on feelings, interactions, and commitments, which can vary in closeness and importance.

  • Absorb the ethical tenets in nursing, covering autonomy, justice, fidelity, and nonmaleficence.
  • Acknowledge the impact of personal values, culture, and beliefs on professional nursing practice.

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Ethics of care suggest that health care workers resolve ethical dilemmas by paying attention to relationships and stories of the participants and by promoting a fundamental act of caring.Attention to relationships distinguishes the ethics of care from other ethical viewpoints because it does not necessarily apply universal principles that are intellectual or analytical.Deontology defines actions as right or wrong based on "right-making characteristics" such as truth and justice.You use utilitarian ethics when determining the value of something based primarily on its usefulness and effects or consequences.Feminist ethics proposes that we routinely ask how ethical decisions will affect women as a way to repair a history of inequality.