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A nurse is caring for a patient who underwent an above-the-knee amputation that requires a dressing change,a skill the nurse has never done.The nurse asks another nurse to help with the dressing change for the amputated leg.The nurse is demonstrating which critical thinking attitude?

A) Humility
B) Confidence
C) Risk-taking
D) Fairness

Above-The-Knee Amputation

A surgical procedure to remove a leg above the knee joint due to injury or disease.

Dressing Change

The process of removing an old wound dressing and applying a new, clean one to promote healing and prevent infection.

Critical Thinking Attitude

The disposition to engage in thoughtful analysis and ask questions rather than accepting information at face value, essential in problem-solving and decision-making processes.

  • Manifest awareness of the attitudes integral to critical thinking in nursing practice.

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Critical thinkers who use humility admit what they do not know and try to find the knowledge they need to make a proper decision.Humility is recognizing when one needs more information to make a decision.When a nurse is new to a clinical division and unfamiliar with the patients,he or she should ask for an orientation to the area and ask nurses regularly assigned to the area for assistance.If your knowledge causes you to question a health care provider's order,do so.This illustrates risk taking.To be confident is to feel certain in your ability to accomplish a task or goal such as performing a nursing procedure or making a diagnostic decision; do not let a patient think that you are unsure of performing care safely.Fairness is listening to both sides in any discussion and dealing with situations justly.