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A) Describe the difference between an aptitude and an achievement test.
B) Provide an example of each kind of test.
C) When would you be most likely to use each type of test?

Aptitude Test

An examination designed to measure an individual's ability or potential in a specific skill or field of knowledge.

Achievement Test

A standardized test designed to measure an individual's level of skill or knowledge in a particular area.

  • Understand the difference and purposes of aptitude and achievement tests.

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Jun 06, 2024

Final Answer :
A) An aptitude test measures a person's ability to learn and is used to predict a person's future performance.An achievement test is designed to assess the knowledge and skills a person currently has.
B & C) An example of an aptitude test would be an entrance exam (e.g.,SAT/ACT for college,LSAT for law school,GRE/GMAT for graduate school,MCAT for medical school) or a test to predict future job performance for an employer.An achievement test could be used as a class exam (e.g.,finals,AP exams,No Child Left Behind),to determine skill proficiency (e.g.,a driver's test before receiving a license),or to measure job skills that an employee has learned.