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A cultural mismatch between client and therapist can sometimes be a problem because:

A) transference cannot take place if the client and therapist are from different cultures.
B) the use of a language translator violates client-patient confidentiality.
C) it may lead to misunderstandings based on cultural differences.
D) studies show that most psychological problems are culture-bound syndromes.

Cultural Mismatch

A situation where there is a discordance between an individual's cultural background and the culture of the environment they are in, often leading to challenges in adaptation.

Cultural Differences

Variations in the practices, values, and goals shared by groups of people due to their geographical, social, or ethnic backgrounds.

  • Understand the impact of cultural differences on the therapeutic process.

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Cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings in communication and interpretation of behavior and emotions, which can hinder progress in therapy. Transference can still occur despite cultural differences, and the use of a language translator can be arranged with appropriate safeguards to maintain confidentiality. While some psychological problems may have cultural nuances, the majority are not exclusively bound to one culture.